Your Neighbor, Advocate, and Friend

Michael Douglas Careccia was born in Chiefland, Florida in 1992 and moved to Lenoir in 2012. Despite moving to Lenoir just 10 years ago, Michael feels a deep connection to the Appalachian mountains, as much of his family is from Western North Carolina and other parts of the Appalachian region.

Michael's path has been one marked by struggles and perseverance. He understands the problems of everyday working-class folks because he is one of us. Michael has worked in various blue-collar jobs, most recently as an apprentice electrician.

Michael's first experience in public service was when he joined the Chiefland Fire Department in 2010. Since then he has also been on the front lines of worker's rights issues and has worked to help preserve our mountain communities and environment.

Raised by a strong single mother and her parents, Michael grew up in a rural low-income household. Growing up during the recession Michael watched his friends and neighbors struggle to live from month to month. This inspired Michael to become active by being a voice for the poor and working class in his community. 

Michael worked in various trades and industries. Paid-by-call volunteer firefighter, fast food, retail, apprentice electrician, clam farmer, and the list goes on and on. Working in different trades gave Michael the opportunity to experience different ways of life and meet a lot of different folks. Working in the industrial and service industries showed Michael the importance of organized labor to protect all workers across all trades and industries. 

In 2017 Michael was elected to serve as the Third Vice Chair of the Caldwell County Democratic Party and President of the Young Dems of Caldwell County beginning Michael's work within the Democratic Party. 

In 2021, Michael for Lenoir City Council. His goal was not only to win and bring a voice of the working class to the council of the City of Lenoir but also to use his campaign as a model for organizing in deep red rural counties. Though Michael did not win, his campaign successfully turned out new municipal voters.

Currently, Michael serves as a member of the City of Lenoir Planning Board and the Chair of the Caldwell County Democratic Party.